Flight Control Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Main Menu
Select your map
Landing planes on an aircraft-carrier
One collision and it's all over
Landing planes and rockets on the moon
Watch out for the extra debris floating around
Smaller maps tend to easier to manage the air space

iPhone version

Main Menu
Still looking good on Hawaii.
Landing planes on an aircraft-carrier isn't just hard is neither easy for a pilot nor the flight control officer.
On this airfield an emergency landing happens sometimes with a plane coming in on a pre-defined route.
The big plane on the top is faster than the small one at the bottom so they won't collide on these paths.
If you successfully land a machine, a message pops up welcoming it home.
The yellow and the white plane will collide in a few seconds if you don't do something.
Order big curves is one way to ensure the safety of your planes and your job.