Flight of the Amazon Queen Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Inside Floda Headquarters a front for thinly disguised German Nazi types.
Walking around Floda HQ.
Meeting up with a grumpy and messy chef.
Searching army barracks.
A warehouse.
A log bridge in the jungle.
Going down?
Wandering around in secret corridors.
Talking your way past a guard, what is this Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? :-)
The Amazon princess has been captured!
The mad doctor's office.
The ancient temple on Sloth Island, this is where the game gets really Fate of Atlantis like.
Wandering around the temple.
Nice stone work around here.
Dark passageway.
A lever!
More of the temple.
The mad doctor in a cutscene.
I knew that I shouldn't have trusted that guy.
I wander what this room is for?
A maze!
The mad doctor gloats.
Faye and Anderson come to my rescue!
Hi! I'm Joe King, and I have to save the world!
Look! A dinosaur!
Another dino.
Looks like some dino had a good meal recently...
The old tie the sheets together to escape trick.
Talking to the bellhop.
On the truck escaping from mobsters.
Anderson can be a real pain sometimes...
Inside the crashed Amazon Queen.
Faye is not to happy and neither are you right now...
Near the crash site.
A parrot!
A gorilla in South America? What's going on here?
The look out point.
Outside the Floda building.
A very nice waterfall.
In the heart of the Amazon jungle.

DOS version

Opening Titles
Joe and his girlfriend trapped, and there is a bomb about to explode (from the intro sequence)
But Sparky comes to their help (from the intro sequence)
Hurry (from the intro sequence)
Oh no! Bad guys! (from the intro sequence)
Everything's ok! They are history now! (from the intro sequence)
Game starts in a cheap Rio hotel
Sparky reading his favorite comic Commander Rocket
Evil Dr. Ironstein has some interesting plans for the future of the humanity
Ironstein's machine at work
Joe's Plane: The Amazon Queen
Uh oh! Amazon Queen in trouble!
Plane crashed in the jungle. What is awaiting them here?
A philosophical conversation takes place
Panoramic view from the pinnacle
Do you speak English? Err, never mind.
Hair Hunters... oh yeah.
Trader Bob and his gorgeous wife
Cool bridge, isn't it?
Amazon headquarters
Amazons enjoying themselves
There are strange places in that temple
Finally ... we found the crystal skull
Cut scene ... nice comic style (Sparky's Commander Rocket Comic)
Nice quest ... I'd felt like Indiana Jones :-)
Dr. Eisenstein mutated to a huge dino
This mighty robot fights for our side
And the winner is ... our mighty robot
In the lobby of the hotel in Rio.
Being chased by Anderson's gangster goons.
Crashed landed in the Amazon.
Inside of the evil "Nazi' HQ.
Secret tunnels.
A storeroom.
The evil plans are revealed.
Dr. Ironstein's lab. Note Gumby and Pokey on the shelf.
Outside the bad guy's base.

Windows version

ScummVM platform is required to start this game.
Main title and copyrights.
Intro cinematic.
The favorite saying in any adventure game.