Flunky Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Let's go.
Your task.
Light the fires.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Main menu
If I use a Doors joke, you'll fire me
At the door
A guard, with lives on the wall
A toy boat
Wanted by Andrew
Shot by the guards

Commodore 64 version

Main menu
Good use of taxpayers' money?
Go through the door
Watch the guards - notice the number of lives (six) on the wall
And a time limit flicking through on this wall
Perhaps a nod to Andrew's navy days
There's the boat
A caricature of Fergie
He's happy....
Shot by the guard
An inside secret on Diana?
Avoid the bouncing balls
I'd say Don Priestley is a republican

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen.
Your task.