The Quest Screenshots (FM-7)

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FM-7 version

Title screen
The story is all about... katakana
Throne room
You need to help me out here, dude
Outside of the castle
Nondescript generic field area
Forest path
Halt! Who goes there?..
Dude... how much did the horse armor cost? People are dying out there, and all you think about is your animal
This is not a pretty end...
Nicely-looking, but ominous swamp. I have a bad feeling about it...
...and now I know why!
A bridge! A bridge! No tolls, no trolls! Hurray!
Ambushed in the forest
Looks like there was a rock concert here
The kingdom surely needs some better maintenance workers
Died in a desert. Dehydration? Repetitive graphics? Your guess
Mountain path
Aww, isn't he cute?..