Spare Change Ad Blurbs (FM-7)

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Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in Ahoy! Issue #1 (January 1984):
    You are the game-happy owner of the Spare Change Arcade. Two fun-loving, but overworked Zerks--the main characters in your most popular game--have broken loose and are trying to retire from the business. You try madly to stop them. If you can get a coin into the juke box, the Zerks get so caught up in the music, they drop everything and start dancing. You also try popping popcorn and making a pay phone ring--which immediately makes the Zerks stop, answer and start a wild conversation. If you "win" the game, there are rib tickling cartoons by the Zerks to reward your efforts. It's a game full of sight gags, surprises and comedy. From the best. Brøderbund! For the Apple® II, II+ and IIe. Coming soon for the Atari® home computers in disk format.

    Contributed by Tracy Poff (2025) on Jun 05, 2012.