4-D Boxing Credits (FM Towns)

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4-D Boxing Credits


Created byElectronic Arts Canada Vancouver B.C.
Original ConceptDonald A. Mattrick (Don Mattrick), Stanley Chow (Stan Chow)
Design & ProgrammingJay MacDonald, Chris Taylor, Rick Friesen, Ben Cho, Ray E. Nakazato (Ray Nakazato)
Graphics & AnimationGerard DeSouza, David Adams, Norie Miura
Sound & MusicMichael J. Sokyrka, Jeff van Dyck (Jeff Dyck)
ProducersBrad Gour, Don Traeger, Jon Horsley, Ray E. Nakazato (Ray Nakazato), Masato Mizushima
Quality AssuranceIvan Allan, Stephen Friesen (Steve Friesen), Gerald McLane, Michael Anthony Lubuguin (Michael Lubugin), Masahiko Yoshizawa, John Santamaria
Boxing ConsultantPaul Savage
Special ThanksFrank Barchard, Brian Plank, Krisjan Hatlelid (Kris Hatlelid), Tatsuyuki Kawagishi (Tatsu Kawagishi), Brian Eheler, Christopher Gray (Chris Gray), Gary Carlston

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