Burai: Gekan - Kanketsu-hen Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Demonic meeting
Harbin beer?
Jakimaru is crying because his girlfriend was killed by Hayate
Meanwhile, an even more ominous meeting takes place
Alec has been watching too many kung-fu movies
Training outside
Indoor conversation
Status screen
World map, near a town
Buying armor
Intense skirmish on the world map
Reached the big city
Furry animals cry, too
Expressive portraits
Battle in a forest
Ambushed and killed by cats
Secluded village
Strange creatures can even be playable
Battle in a cave
Lilian wakes Hayate up
We can travel all over the world!
Navigating a ship
Ship battle
Take THIS!..
The mysterious gentleman in his castle