Dōkyūsei 2 Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
The game begins with a beast of a prologue...
...which gradually introduces many characters
Outside of the school at night
At home, living room
Hero's room
Mmm... purple...
Meeting on the roof. Prologue only has lame menu choices
Behind the gym - an unexpected encounter
Top-down navigation: local neighborhood, daytime
Meeting a girl in the park
Sometimes you'll have to make choices
Using the Talk icon on the store owner
Most screens offer you this brief menu
Lovely secluded area with a pool
The school is separated into several segments
Triggered a cutscene with an interesting geeky girl
Target-shooting practice?
School navigation
The obligatory sexy teacher: close up
This Elf employee appears all the time
Triggered a typical scene
Train station, day: meeting a new character
The bike girl. Trying to use the hand icon on the bike
There are many buildings you can see in the game. Trying to knock on the gate
Lovely spot on the beach, during twilight
Central area
You can take a train to move between two large neighborhoods
Top-down navigation, central area, evening
Hotel lobby
Mysterious temple