Dual Targets: The 4th Unit Act.3 Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
FM Towns-exclusive intro
How clones are made
The beginning. Note the verb command graphics
Sub-menu of "moods"
Fighting an android assassin
Gulchetay, show me your face!
Ah feel blue... so blue...
I would like to buy a hamburger
I go to school! Hurray!..
In school. Back to normal?..
...not quite
Go away, you... you... nerdy geek!
Schoolgirl fury
Find 8 differences
Dramatic scene
I'm not paying for this
There, there...
This is how "anger" looks like
Finally, I know who you are...
Kids, don't wear this at home
Blon-Win in a hospital
Sneaking and hiding
Meeting a friend
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Another android battle
She knows science and all
She's got some nice moves
Game Over...