Galaxy Force II Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
The intro begins in an abstract way...
...but gains colors...
...displays some of the enemies...
...the higher-ups...
...and the savior of humanity
High scores
You are being deployed
Normal enemies ahead
Be careful: asteroids!
Geometrical structures will impede your progress
Flying through a cave
The corridor turns into a large hall full of enemies...
...which may attack from all sides
You can select the stage right from the beginning
You are being submerged into lava
Fire worms attack
This cave has such traps
You found extra energy
You admire the view
You are being transported
Looks like we've got company
You have no time for local fauna
Annoying turrets
You are being brought to this beautiful, lovely planet
You are targeting enemies
Be careful of those pillars
Beautiful, but deadly...
Finally, light!
Don't crash into those clouds