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The Horde Credits (FM Towns)

The Horde FM Towns Title screen


Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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The Horde Credits


Executive ProducerRyĆ«ichi Hiraide
ProducerChuck Willen
DirectorKiyoshi Ohkawa
Assistant DirectorTakeo Mogi
DOS/V ProgrammersHideaki Kurisu, Kazunori Noguchi
PC‑98 ProgrammerMasakazu Sato
FM TOWNS ProgrammerHirotake Tobita
Executive Marketing ManagerKatsura Kawano
Product ManagerShinichi Ito
Public RelationToshikatsu Yamamoto
International Marketing ManagerDavis C. Zook
Sales ManagerHitoshi Furuya
SalesTakeshi Saito, Ruriko Kasai, Kaori Uchizono
Test PlayersNorio Imai, Daisuke Ryuzaki, Benjamin N. Wright
Distributed byArrow Micro‑Techs Corp

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