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The Legend of Kyrandia (FM Towns)

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The Legend of Kyrandia Credits

Original version

Produced byBrett W. Sperry
Directed byBrett W. Sperry
Director of art & lead artistRick Parks
Director of music & soundPaul S. Mudra
Product managerLyle J. Hall
Special advisorDavid Bishop
WriterRick Gush
ArtistsRen Olsen, Louise Sandoval, Joseph B. Hewitt IV, Aaron E. Powell, Elie Arabian, Eric Shults
Music & soundsFrank Klepacki, Dwight K. Okahara
Additional codingScott K. Bowen
Amiga versionBill Stokes
Quality assuranceGlenn Sperry, Matt Collins, Michael Gater, Eugene Martin, Michael S. Glosecki, Justin Norr, Top Star Computer Service, Testing 1‑2‑3
Manual editorLisa Marcinko
Box designLauren Rifkin

Japanese version

Fujitsu FM‑Towns programYasukiyo Nomura (野村泰清), Ōshun Ri (李応春)
Translation (翻訳)Minoru Nakazawa (中澤實)
Musical arrangement (編曲)Takeshi Abo (安保剛)
Packaging illustration (パケージ・イラスト)Masaki Togashi (富樫正樹)
Production (制作)Starcraft スタークラフト

Original cluebook

Clue Book WriterRick Gush
Dragon artLouise Sandoval
Clue Book EditorLisa Marcinko

Japanese manual

Translation (翻訳)Yuri Ito (伊藤ゆり)
Layout (レイアウト)Masanao Makino (牧野正直)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Игги Друге (43541)