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Lemmings (FM Towns)

Lemmings FM Towns From the title screen, you can configure the game, begin play, or enter a password for a later level.


100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Available for Trade

User Platform Comments Condition
tbuteler (3026) DOS None Not Specified
n][rvana (1827) DOS None Box/Packaging: Item Missing
Original Media: Item Missing
Manual: Item Missing
Catalog: Item Missing
Reference Card: Item Missing
Additional Items: Item Missing
(more info)
Spyros Andreou DOS None Not Specified
Micro Net (1) DOS None Box/Packaging: Near Mint
Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
Catalog: Near Mint
Reference Card: Near Mint
Additional Items: Near Mint
(more info)
n][rvana (1827) Windows 3.x None Box/Packaging: Item Missing
Original Media: Item Missing
Manual: Excess Defects
Catalog: Item Missing
Reference Card: Item Missing
Additional Items: Item Missing
(more info)
Spyros Andreou Windows 3.x None Not Specified
Phileas Fogg Game Gear None Box/Packaging: Item Missing
Original Media: Very Good
Manual: Item Missing
(more info)

Wanted for Trade

User Platform Comments Desired Condition
Matthew Green (7) DOS None Not Specified
JULZ GONZALES DOS None Not Specified
wassem geraisy DOS None Not Specified
Chatterbox738 (3) DOS None Not Specified
Kira Norman DOS None Not Specified
Bram Wijngaarden DOS None Not Specified
Jack Shields DOS None Not Specified
froger3 (11) DOS None Not Specified
sweet oblivion DOS None Not Specified
PaganKitty69 (228) DOS None Not Specified
TheDewi DOS None Not Specified
John Jarndyce Windows 3.x None Not Specified
Trevor Osten Windows 3.x None Box/Packaging: Mint Sealed
Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
Catalog: Near Mint
Reference Card: Mint Sealed
Additional Items: Mint Sealed
(more info)
Philip Simkin Windows 3.x None Not Specified
Chatterbox738 (3) Game Boy None Not Specified
Antonio Strijdom (6) SNES MEGAZONE Superb game, superb conversion - an all round masterpiece. All the original's classic bits and, despite the lack of a mouse, a surprisingly good control system. A re-released classic. Not Specified
ALhedgehog (262) Genesis None Not Specified
Jason Nelson (12) Genesis None Not Specified
Matthew Green (7) Amiga None Not Specified
berrie Amiga None Not Specified
Jesus Vega Amiga None Not Specified
mimir (73) Amiga None Not Specified
Jeff Robinson (59) Amiga None Not Specified
Chris Morris NES None Not Specified
ALhedgehog (262) Game Gear None Not Specified
Mathew Webber (3) SEGA Master System None Not Specified
DudeOfMonson (106) SEGA Master System None Not Specified
Matthew Green (7) 3DO None Not Specified
Erika Mireles 3DO None Not Specified
Sylvia Granville Macintosh None Not Specified
Christa Van Wyke Macintosh None Not Specified
Lorna B PC-98 None Not Specified

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