Loom Credits


A Fantasy byBrian Moriarty
Illustrated byMark J. Ferrari (as Mark Ferrari)
256 color artwork byAvril Harrison, James Alexander Dollar (as James Dollar), Steve Purcell, Mike Ebert
Characters Designed and Animated byGary Winnick, Steve Purcell
Visual Effects Animation byKen Macklin, Gary Winnick, Steve Purcell, Mark J. Ferrari (as Mark Ferrari)
256 color enhancements byBrent E. Anderson (as Brent Anderson)
Music ofPyotr Tchaikovsky (as Tchaikovsky)
Tchaikovsky Music Transcribed byGeorge Alistair Sanger, Gary Hammond
Additional Programming byKalani Streicher
SCUMM Story System byRon Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder
Lead TesterKirk Roulston
TestersBret Barrett, Terry Bratcher, Tom Canham, Eric Christensen, Carla Green, Jon Gubman, Tony Hsieh, Tim Huber, Eric Liu, Judith Lucero (as Judith Lucero Turchi), Ezra Palmer-Persen, Alice Rosen, Jennifer Sward (as Jenny Sward), Aileen Treadwell, David Popovich (as Dave Popovich), Steven Saunders, Maniac Maxo, Aaron Muszalski, James Purple Hampton (as James Hampton), Mark Cartwright (as Marc Cartwright), Jo Ashburn
Produced byGregory D. Hammond
Thanks toNoah Falstein, David Fox, Akila Redmer (as Akila J. Redmer), James Wood, Andrea Siegel, Orson Scott Card
Special Thanks toGeorge Lucas
Created and Produced atSkywalker Ranch Marin County, California
Additional programming inSan Rafael and Soulsbyville


CD Music byEarwax Productions, San Francisco
Sound Effects byEarwax Productions, James Leiterman (as Jim Leiterman)
Fujitsu Towns Edition byJames Leiterman (as Jim Leiterman), Jennifer Sward (as Jenny Sward), Sean Clark
Fujitsu Towns Lead TesterJon Van
Fujistu Towns Project Directed byDouglas Crockford (The guy in the white coat!)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Infernos (16665)