Loom Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

So many ways to play Loom...
Ah, the magical game begins...
Oookay... if you say so
Bobbin at the starting location
Down at the village
Hmm... lots of laundry
Now I can become a jazz musician!
Lady Cygna's grave
One of the Elders - no question here, this version looks much better than the PC EGA version
Meeting the Shepherds
Inside Crystalgard - note the combination of two graphic styles: the whole bottom of the screen was taken from the EGA version without any changes
The sick little lamb
Captured by the dragon
Inside the labyrinth
Bobbin looks into the future, but this particular motif wasn't used in the game
The Shore of Wonder - here I must admit: I really think it looks better in EGA
Rusty tells his side of the story
Another little example of designer laziness: the view is in VGA, but the rift - in EGA