Misty Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
The hero of the game, detective Ryu Kamishiro
Let's investigate!..
The gruesome "Naked Body" case
There is still a lot of text, but at least there are full-screen photos for each location in this Misty release!
Dialogues have some hand-drawn graphics for characters
Searching for clues
I have found a key piece of evidence!
The map is the same for most cases
Central area
You attempt to reconstruct a case
In a suspect's house
Outside of a subway station
Busy shopping district
Another lively area
Talking to a bartender
You can visit every floor of this department store!
Talking to a clerk
Conversation topics
Talking to the principal of the local school
Nice view here!
Do you want to buy some toys?..
Rich suburban district
Farther away from the city
They show performances based on other Data West games in this theater
Answering the phone
Femme fatale appears?..
Nice view of the school campus
This case takes you out of the city...
...and to a new map
Witness the cars of that time period
Dramatic cutscene
Talking to people outside
Yeeees... anything you need, pal?..
Beautiful view of the district
European-style houses
This case begins with this interesting image...
Is this connected to the mystery?
Talking to a servant in the mansion