Mobile Suit Gundam: Hyper Desert Operation Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen: Part A
Title screen: Part B
Title screen: full
Intro: the white mechas...
...and the red ones. Earth vs. Zeon. The eternal struggle
Characters play little to no role here
0079 campaign intro
One Year War begins!..
Can you do this, commander?..
Selecting pilots
The first mission is in the desert and involves fast but rather weak ships
Unit management
Pilot customization
Hey, it's a small guy... how unfair
A scene between missions
The 0087 war begins
The new commander has awesome bear
This scenario has an interesting structure
Enemy moves on the grassland
Producing new units
Enemy is defending the stronghold
This is an important character? Please...
Duking it out with a higher-ranked Zeon commander
Protect your bases!
Enemy occupies the coast line
We can be easily trapped in the center here
Attack options
Wow! Melee-style! Gundam style! Gangnam style!! Whatever... :)
Uh-oh... the soldier is gunned down
Revenge by mounted turret!
Enemy crosses the sea!
These nameless pilots have nice mechas
Red vs. red... mecha vs. ship
The situation is almost hopeless