Murder Club Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Oh, okay. Good to know
USA all the way!
Police car and the crime scene
Starting area
Overworld map
Reviewing old cases
Examining evidence
Prosecuting people
Interrogation room
Though this version is on CD, only the intro and ending music is redbook CD audio, in-game music is either internal FM or MIDI
Click on "Bilingual" to switch from Japanese to English
Talking with Kate about her deceased brother, notice the typo "beleive"
Doctor Simon Randle, as you can see there are a few spelling and grammar errors in the English translation
Sarah Shields (or Sala Shields as she's called in this version) has a very minor role here, she has much bigger roles in the next two games: Manhattan Requiem and Kiss of Murder
Get a search warrant for a specific location, then you can search the place and maybe find important evidence
Bring the evidence to the police station for identification
Investigation progress screen, though the game is set to English, the "Message from Jad Gregory" part is still in Japanese
Analysis screen, you have pictures of everyone you met (on the bottom) and you can pin them on the board to better understand who's who
Go to the prosecutor to get an arrest warrant
Then you can interrogate the suspect, like here I'm interrogating the victim's wife Janet Robbins
At the graveyard
Case is closed