Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Dos (US):
    Bodies lay stewn. Men, women and children; their blood curdling screams are helpless to the rapid rat-tat-tat of laser-guided plasma fire ripping through their flesh. Military life had been sweet until that fateful night the Earth's forces invaded. You taught the best and brightest females in robo-fighting; all of them vying for the prestigious honor of becoming Power Dolls. Now its up to you and the Power Dolls to exact revenge!

    Select Missions. Assign Troops and artillery. Lay out battle plans.

    Map with zoom interface allows precise squad movements and formations.

    Control each Power Doll in a squad independently; weapons selection and firing on the enemy.

    Contributed by Wizo (29551) on Feb 02, 2007.

Fan Site:
    Man has finally colonized space and you're a resident in the colony of Omni. In the mood for a revolution?

    The government of Omni has declared independence and earth forces are on their way to quell this revolt. You have the distinction of commanding the Power DoLLS (Detachment of Limited Line Service), a special stike force comprised of all-female members from all the armed forces.

    At their disposal is an amazing arsenal of Omni's most advanced fighting machines, Power Loaders. Large and extremely mobile, these thirty-foot-tall robots pack as much firepower as a squad of tanks. And you'll need all the firepower you can carry 'cause you're outnumbered ten to one. Choose the Power DoLLS for the missions and arm their vehicles accordingly in this intense futuristic war sim. What they pack will ultimately determine the outcome of the mission.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Nov 10, 2005.