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FM Towns version

Title screen
The hero is instructed
Status screen
Throne room
Maria appears
Coastal town
World map
You are attacked by giant butterflies...
...wandering knights...
...and undead people. Equal opportunities, no discrimination... human rights and all...
Yup, exactly. That's where it all ends - in Heaven. That's how every Kinpukurin Game Over screen looks like
I wandered off and was attacked by angry birds
I saw a beautiful castle and was attacked by a pixie
RPG rule #2: you can't enter this location yet. You just can't. Why? Dunno. I only know you CAN'T
Even in villages, you are attacked by people! Dude... a little bit rest, maybe? A friendly conversation about God and the world over a bottle of vodka? No?..
I went to the mountains, and guess what? I was ATTACKED. By spiders, too. I hope PETA won't mind my further actions
I decided to swim a bit in the cold ocean. Guess what happened? Right. I was ATTACKED. By snakes, this time. Reptiles of all countries, unite, this kind of thing
I entered a dungeon. It was dark. Maria didn't say a word during this entire humiliating journey
In the dungeon, we met a mage and an assassin. They offered us some tea with salmon roe sandwiches. Err... Not really. Actually they ATTACKED us...
Another dungeon, another color... we lit a lamp. How cozy
Wow! In this dungeon we met an identical mage, an identical assassin, and an exciting new friend - a giant rat. Wow... Life is so... full of twists