Stunts Credits (FM Towns)

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Stunts Credits

Original Team

DesignDonald A. Mattrick (Don Mattrick), Kevin P. Pickell (Kevin Pickell), Brad Gour, Rob Martyn, Stanley Chow (Stan Chow)
MusicMichael J. Sokyrka, Krisjan Hatlelid (Kris Hatlelid), Brian Plank
ProgrammingKevin P. Pickell (Kevin Pickell)
Technical supportBrad Gour, Rick Friesen
ArtNicola Swaine, Kevin P. Pickell (Kevin Pickell), Mike S. Smith (Mike Smith), David Adams

FMTowns Version

ProgrammingBen Cho
Library SupportFrank Barchard
Sound SupportBrian Plank
Additional SupportDaniel Teh
Japanese TranslationTatsuyuki Kawagishi (Tatsu Kawagishi)
ProducerRay E. Nakazato (Ray Nakazato), Masato Mizushima
Art & AnimationNorie Miura, Daniel Teh, Mark Lange, Tony Lee, Mike S. Smith (Mike Smith)
Music & SfxMichael J. Sokyrka, Jeff van Dyck (Jeff Dyck)
Game TesterJohn Santamaria, Masahiko Yoshizawa

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