Ultima Trilogy: I ♦ II ♦ III Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Ultima I: title
U1: the brand new intro; exclusive on FM Towns!
U1: the intro continues... beautiful graphics
U1: character generation
U1: getting started...
U1: visiting a town
U1: oh wow, look, it's Lord British! :)
U1: take a look at the amazing new dungeon graphics!
U1: no kidding
U1: battles occur on the world map. Here, two nasty wizards are trying to kill me
Ultima II: title
U2: intro
U2: errr.... Minax... did being evil make you forget to wear a bra? :)
U2: you start in a dangerous zone
U2: for some reason, Lord British lives on an island here...
U2: Port Bonifice? Never heard
U2: oh, the famous entertainer...
U2: Items
U2: what? You give me 50 gold pieces?! Why you little... mean stingy Lord British... :)
U2: Finding Chuckles in the Future
Ultima III: title
U3: Credits
U3: intro
U3: beautiful effects!
U3: character creation is a bit more complex in this one
U3: Exploring the Overland
U3: Meeting Lord British
U3: And Chuckles is there as well
U3: Entering a Town
U3: Meeting Dupre in a Pub
U3: Buying Weapons for your Party!
U3: Not to Mention.....Armour
U3: If you want to explore the world, you will need food to prevent you from starving!
U3: Combat!
U3: If you and/or your companions are badly hurt, you'll need to see a Healer!
U3: Sometimes the Great Earth Serpent is called "The Silver Snake"!
U3: At the pubs, taverns you can pay for drinks. If you pay enough you'll get tips that can help you in your quest
U3: Status
A message from Lord British
U3: Battle at the Frigate!
U3: Meeting Iolo!
U3: Meeting Gwino!
U3: The Oracle!
U3: Dungeon
U3: Touching one of the hot red metal rods, will give you and your companions one of the Marks!
U3: One of the Marks in the Inventory!
U3: Fountains can cure, heal or poison you!