The version of Ultima II that came with the Apple release of the Ultima Trilogy was actually updated to support the arrow keys of the Apple //e and looks like Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness for the Apple II.

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Ultima II for DOS

After the separate release, this must be the only Ultima compilation that has a fully working version of Ultima II for DOS. Ultima II was ported to DOS in the days of version 1.0, which did not support subdirectories or disks larger than 160KB. Therefore, the map data for the various Earth time periods is stored on one disk (Player Master) and the data for the outer planets, which share the same file names, are on another disk Galactic Master). The third disk hosts the program executable and related files. By the time of this update, DOS could support 5.25" double density disks up to 360KB. So, Origin combined the Program Disk and Galactic Disk onto one Disk, which was not a problem as the files on each separate disk did not share the same names. The second disk contained only the Player Master files as before. Any fully working version of Ultima II must therefore come on at least two separate floppy disks, which the later CD compilations screwed up by copying all the files off all the disks onto the same directory. The Player Disk files overwrote the Galactic Disk files, turning most of the other planets into Earth clones. It took years for fans to rectify this by adding proper support by renaming the galactic disk files.

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The original Ultima games used to come with cloth maps and other interesting tidbits in the boxes, from 'moonstones' to ankh's. This compilation, however, does not contain those items.

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