Viper V-10 Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
Kendo fighting
Choices, choices...
The hero is contemplating his further move
Animated kendo training
You ready?..
That's what happens if you make a wrong choice...
The girl is dreaming of an older classmate...
...and the dream becomes very erotic
What is this? A letter?..
Indeed - always be sure you are alone when you are masturbating!
Two cute kids...
...proceed to do nasty things to the girl, as per Japanese tradition
No matter how seemingly independent and "tough" some women may appear in Japanese hentai games, they usually end up being rape victims
One of the few scenes without porn
The "boss" appears...
...and reveals his metallic penis. Made in Japan?
George Lucas should totally sue
Scared woman before rape. Guess Japanese like watching that