Wrestle Angels 3 Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
Exhibition mode
Getting started...
Ouch... watch the head!!..
Oops... sorry... are you hurt?
Introducing you to the company
Just stay there! Don't move!..
One of the most common moves
Hehe, gotcha!..
What? There is blood on my face?? Why you... bitch!!..
Wrestler training
This is getting intense...
Hey, I'll be glad to join you!
Recruiting straight from school
Company business
Headless managers
Selecting wrestler
Hey, I'm on vacation here
Selecting the ring
She looks... err... like a good wrestler
I was thinking of writing a doctorate on sub-atomic particles, but I might just become a scantily-clad wrestler instead
You fly far, far away...
You send the girls on a vacation
Leave me alone! Don't you see I'm busy?
I wonder if she would become a good wrestler...