Yumimi Mix Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro: two unicorns...
They are a couple! :)
Stars over Yumimi's house...
Introducing the gang
Main menu
Choices, choices...
Yumimi's family
Yumimi is sleeping
Even in this innocent story there is a shower scene...
Walk or run?
Yumimi sees weird things
The love interest
The angry best friend
The obligatory horny guy...
...who gets kicked in his face by Yumimi :)
The gang together
Now THIS is a tough choice... say "I love you" or "I don't love you"... by a girl to a girl!
Wanna see some pictures?..
Scene at night
Yumimi turns into a unicorn... I sort of expected that
The atmosphere is magically cozy
The monster is kinda cute :)
Surrounded by monsters, but always with the grin!
Quiz: explanation
Quiz: in progress
Concept art