Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Zak is dreaming
Back to real life...
Zak's apartment. The 256-color, FM Towns-exclusive graphics are amazing
Meanwhile, the evil doesn't sleep...
Lots of stuff to do in Zak's apartment... just pay attention to everything
The famous "F5" screen has a funny picture related to Zak's adventures
The bus driver is asleep. Hmm...
You'll definitely need a guitar
Hmm, this guy looks... suspicious
At the airport
Choosing your destination. No copy protection!
On the plane
Two-headed squirrel, three-headed monkey... what is it with LucasArts? :)
Jungle in Peru
London at night
Beautiful view in Egypt
Chatting with a yak in Nepal :)
Just try not to get to the other side of those bars...
Dreaming (Japanese)
Meeting with the boss in his office (Japanese)
In Zak's Bedroom, and have you noticed the Anime eyes? (Japanese)
Cut Scene with the villains!(Japanese)
That girl looks so familiar! (Japanese)
Created the map from my dreams with crayons! (Japanese)
The French Bakery (Japanese)
The Stewardess is talking (Japanese)
The Cave in Seattle!
Meeting Annie....the girl from Zak's dream! (Japanese)