Football Director Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Team selection
What are you worth?
Why does the League Cup have non-league teams in?
You can have this pic as a permenant menu backdrop
This match isn't going well
We lose, Aldershot win
Ah, the good old days of cheap entry
Football's a costly old game
Who shall we scout?
Training on a 1-9 intensity scale
What are we paying him for?
Still, his wages will pay for Wudes' crutches
Not a dream team
Share the wealth
About half a season out there

Commodore 64 version

List of teams.
The mighty Halifax Town.
Main menu.
Your team. Think you need to buy.
Kick off.
Get in. 1-0.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Choose a team
Main menu
The other menu
Bank it, or risk that there's something on the next screen
Players you can try to sign
What've you got?
Hiring staff
Squad form and change (+ or -)
League table
In front in the first match
Huggard - as in the programmer, and H in the comapny name - seals it
How can Barnesy let us down?
Share and like a share
Pre-match form
The full classified results
Good news
Player names can be changed
Buying a player
Title screen: 128k version