Footballer of the Year 2 Screenshots

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Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Enter your name.
Choose your team.
Main menu.
Tactics screen.
Match action.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Yep, it's another game only I am interested in
Using the team name editor
You can represent any of these nations
Double or nothing trivia
Buying goal cards
Guide to seeing and remembering the action sequences
One of the pre-planned routines
A slight case of kits clashing, surely?
The result of one goal chance
Not a great game for my lot
Good advice
Ingame action
Loading screen
Nine difficulty levels
Using the team name editor
The nations you can represent
Main menu
Double or nothing trivia
Their matchday programme is called 'Molinews' by the way
Fruit Machine of the Year 2?
Want to change clubs?
Career menu
The battles of Britain
How many chances do you want?
Each card represents a chance
Guide to seeing and remembering how the goal will be scored
One of these pre-planned routines
This is more of a poacher's goal
Slight case of the kits clashing, surely?
Go For It!
Ready to put it all into action
Launching the ball
Not a great day
The keeper's got it
You can't take too long about scoring
That's the target for next year....
This mimics the Champions' League really, in having so many big-name sides
One of the random events
Dave Beasant was the hero that day
Bit of luck there
What it's all about
The big chance
Good start
But not for me personally
A fictional World Cup setup
With unrealistic groupings
Career XC
League table

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Enter your name.
Which level do you want to play on? Think I'll start on level 1.
Select your team. What, no FC Halifax town?
Select your country. No Albania either.
The main menu.
Have a look how your careers going.
Do you want to but extra goal cards?
Fancy a gamble?
Think I'll bet £10.
Got the question correct.
Collect or gamble?
How you and your team are doing.
The league table.
Your first fixture.
How many goal cards are you gonna use? Think I'll use 3.
Dundee Utd, should be a good game.
Select which cards you wanna use.
You need to memorise these tactics.
And this one.
And these tactics last of all.
Can you score?
Give it to me!
Didn't score but still had a 2-2 draw. Bring on the next game.

ZX Spectrum version

Starting screen
Guess who contributed these screenshots?
Choose a team
Main menu
Make up to £4000 on trivia knowledge
One question correct so far
It was West Germany in those days
He's dead now, you know
3 questions correct means you see this screen
Can't I do better than Swansea?
Goal cards give you a chance of a goal
Each letter represents a specific goalscoring opportunity
Before takign teh shots you are shown the plans - remember them
All to no avail though