The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

You will need to register and log in first.
The loading can easily take up to five minutes.
This is the location where you start exploring the palace. The characters in front of me are other human visitors.
Use the map to preview locations and get around quickly.
The camera can be rotated to get a better view of the environment.
Inside a small temple
Some AI characters playing Weiqi. You can join them in a game.
Standing in front of the Golden Halls.
Inside the halls
Boards show the location you're at.
One of the activities: watch the emperor have dinner.
Zooming in on the emperor.
Another activity: court painting
Walking around in the garden with other characters.
A small statue
Activity: approving memorials
Looking out over the bridge.
The Mountain of Accumulated Elegance
You cannot open doors, only walk through open entrances.
Taking a picture and saving it to my scrapbook.
The Palace of Gathered Elegance