Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in PC Games, October 1999 (German):


    2015: China und die USA führen den konventionellen Krieg der Zukunft. Auf welcher Seite stehen Sie?

  • Realistische 3D-Echtzeit-Strategie
  • 30 Singleplayer-Missionen
  • 10 Multiplayer-Missionen für bis zu vier Spieler
  • Karten- und Missions-Editor

    Contributed by Xoleras (66885) on Jan 02, 2005.

Back of box - Game Boy Color:

    The year is 2015 - World War III is about to begin. Technology has made nuclear weapons obsolete, leaving wars to be fought the conventional way with artillery, air support and infantry. You must choose Chinese or American forces to command. Plot your strategy and lead your platoon - You have a way to win!

  • One of the first Real Time Strategy War Games for the Game Boy Color.
  • Battle the enemy over 16 different levels including Desert, Countryside and Snowfields.
  • Command 8 different types of units including Air Support and Infantry.
  • Take out bridges to halt the enemy advance.
  • Position or Camouflage your Units to ambush enemy convoys.
  • Extremely simple interface lets the player jump quickly into the action.
  • Capture key strategic points to receive additional intelligence info.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69553) on Sep 05, 2002.

Red Storm Entertainment Website:
    The year is 2015 and World War III is about to begin.

    China has invaded Russia to capture its vital economic resources. Only you and Force 21 can take it back! Force 21 is a Real-time 3D Tactical Wargame that combines strategic and tactical play to take you into the future of war. You command an American or Chinese armored force, and control up to 16 platoons of tanks, helicopters, artillery, combat engineers, and electronic warfare units.


    • Blow your enemy away with 21st century battlefield technology loaded on 40+ highly realistic combat vehicles.
    • Conduct reconnaissance, launch air strikes, ford rivers, lay minefields and blow up buildings.
    • 30 single player missions and 10 multiplayer maps.
    • Fight the enemy across realistic 3D terrain based on actual locations in China, Russia, and Kazakhstan.
    • Cooperative and deathmatch multiplayer action for up to four players.
    • Engage the enemy in various weather and terrain conditions.
    • Create and play your own scenarios with the easy-to-use map & mission editor.

    Contributed by phlux (4340) on Dec 06, 2001.