FORCED had a rough development story. First, the development team occupied an abandoned class room in an university in Copenhagen. They not only used it for development, but completely moved there. After seven months, they got busted and had to move out and rent a house in the middle of nowhere. One year later, money dried up and the team had to resort to Kickstarter crowdsourcing.

About a week before the campaign ended, it did not look too well. So they turned their history into a photo story which managed to mobilize enough supports - in the end, they received €65,413 after asking for €40,000. But it still was not enough, and in the end a private loan of €200,000 was necessary in order to finish the game. After three years (and almost two months in Steam's Early Access), it was finally released in October 2013.

The updated photo story can be viewed on the official website.

Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194635) on Apr 25, 2014. -- edit trivia