Ford Bold Moves Street Racing Screenshots

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Choosing between events, challenge or competition.
Selecting a car.
A close fight for the first position
Driving in a tunnel.
Race starting.
In last position
Another close overtaking situation
Scoreboard after some races
An event won
Solo time attack mode, beat the best lap time.
Cars can be unlocked in time attack.
Two camera modes to choose from, this is the bumper view.
Two camera modes to choose from, this is the chase camera view.
Unlocked the Los Angeles river track.
Rules for the solo elimination
You can view obtained cars in the showroom.
Cars can be repaired in the garage.
Solo career mode

Windows version

Title screen
Every track has its own loading screen.
Racing at Venice Beach.
Single racing mode
Driving a 68 Mustang GT.
Downtown track
After the race you get the results.
Driving in second position on the Skid Row track.
Skid Row track
Canyon Road track
Tunnel in Canyon Road track
Selecting a car for single racing. Only unlocked cars are available.
In this mode, in each lap the last two cars are eliminated
My first two cars ready for a team competition.
If you win the competition, you get some rewards and unlock extra content.
Team race in Downtown track
You can switch cars of the same team in the race, so as soon you got a first position with one car, change to the other one.
First and second position for our team!
More rewards for winning the team competition.
Unlock content.
After each competition you need to repair your cars in the garage.
The vendor screen with all the cars available, as soon as you win more and more races.
Competition complete, first position, gold medal
Driving a Fiesta ST on the Pacific Highway.
Pacific Highway, one of the unlockable tracks
Tunnel on the Pacific Highway track
Trying to reach the first position to then switch the team cars.
Racing on the Venice Speedway track.
Driving the Chinatown track.
Chinatown, a very complicated track
Track selection screen for the single race mode