The Forest of Doom Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Generating your character
Introductory preamble
Your first choice
Having rolled a 12 to add to your 12 Skill, there's no chance the fearsome Shape Changer can lash back at you this round.
Stocking up with magical inventory items
Alas, your quest is at an end.

ZX Spectrum version

This screen is displayed as the game loads.
When loaded the game scrolls a 'STOP THE TAPE' message followed by the game's title, credits, and a brief message about 'The CITADEL' another game in the same series
Before the game can start the characters strengths must be determined. This process starts with the roll of three virtual dice for Skill, Stamina & Luck
This is followed by choosing a magic potion ...
... and finally the players name. Though there's a great big space into which the name is entered only eight characters are allowed
Finally, after a message saying 'and now mighty hero prepare to face the turmoils of hell itself. Press SPACE to continue' the game will commence
The game starts with the story and it goes on a bit. Basically the player is a hero who kills bad guys & monsters. A dying dwarf asks you to retrieve some runes so you take his money & map and set off
The game briefly shows the player their inventory
... then there's some more text ...
... followed by more text and a choice of actions ...
... there follows yet more text. Since this is a wizard he makes potions and there's a list of over 40 that can be bought
The game contains a notepad which the player can use to record key points of information. Text entry here is slow so do not type too fast as only one in three characters may be recorded
Its well worth reading the manual and finding the keypad controls that can turn features like quick test and sound on/off
Combat can sometimes be avoided, but not in this case
This is the combat screen. Text gives information about what is happening. Then dice roll to determine what actually happens, is the attack successful etc
The first round of battle went well
Uruk 1 dies very soon after this - it did not fair well in battle and was killed by a might blow
This is the end of Uruk 2
Then the game gives the player a choice of items to take from the slain foes and continues in the same vein