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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 08/1997:
    10 cm
    trennen Deinen Hintern vom Asphalt.

    Du muß auf
    180 km/h

    um am Ende als die
    Nr. 1
    in's Ziel zu fahren.


    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (152367) on Apr 15, 2010.

    Following on from the hugely successful Super Karts and Manic Karts games, Formula Karts Special Edition brings frantic kart racing action to your PlayStation. Sitting in a motorised sled that is capable of propelling you around a specially prepared race track at speeds of over 70 miles an hour may not sound scary, but when you consider that this sled is only a few inches off the ground then you may change your mind (as well as a few other things!).

    Formula Karts Special Edition is a full 3D kart racing game that features polygon tracks, polygon karts with motion-sampled animated drivers, realistic kart handling and nine stunning tracks to test even the most experienced of drivers.

    Formula Karts Special Edition is a racing game in the true sense of the word where your opponents compete on equal terms with you. You are racing against other drivers who have their own driving style, capabilities and desires. The advanced AI of the computer controlled cars means that there will always be an element of uncertainty as to what they are going to do next. With each lap lasting on average for around 20 seconds you'll find yourself always on the edge, with never a moment to let your guard down.

    With the latest 3D technology and the most advanced driver AI and kart physics to date, Formula Karts Special Edition adds this amalgamation to a high speed, adrenaline charged, wheel to wheel racing game that will leave you with the feeling that, yeah, perhaps F1 cars are a little bit dull after all.

    • Perspective corrected 3D graphics engine.
    • 2 player split-screen.
    • Accurately modeled kart dynamics.
    • 8 different teams, each with unique kart design, handling and performance.
    • A wide variety of road surfaces each with different characteristics.
    • Championship, practice, single race and arcade modes of play.
    • Advanced AI means that computer controlled drivers learn your style and adapt accordingly.

    Contributed by Jeanne (75434) on Jan 28, 2008.