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Back Cover - DOS (US/Can):

    The Official

    There are no words to describe how fast Formula One is.
    At least no clean words.

    This isn't just a fast game...IT'S THE FASTEST RACING GAME EVER! In Formula One, your car could reach a blistering 200mph - and it's speed you can feel. And if that's not fast enough for your lead foot, check out our Turbo Mode - kick in the afterburners and scream past the grandstands at a sizzling 200 mph! Only Formula One by Domark can give you that rush.

    Strap on your helmet and buckle up. You're about to race against the real pros of Formula One World Championship on 12 international circuits - including England's super fast Silverstone Raceway and the world famous Monaco track at Monte Carlo. Or, go head to head against a friend using our simultaneous split-screen technology. Either way, use your experience to "dial-in" wing adjustment and tire style to maximize performance on each track for an experience so real you may forget to take a pit stop...

    The [email protected]#$?% fastest racing game ever!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Jan 21, 2011.