Formula One Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Pole position
During race
Trees on a race track?
Game over

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting arcade race in Brazil
Brazil course
Qualifying in Spain
Race start
I want to break through
Impression from Canada
2 player menu
2 players racing in San Marino
Different views from the same mishap
Famous last words of a tire: "Opel"

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Prepare to Race at Interlagos
Car setting
Ready at the starting position.
Better cornering.
Oops!.... that sign's in the way!
Out of the lane.
San Marino Course
Retired, Tyres Brown...
Course select
Beginning of season, entry your name.
Qualifying Race
Starting grid
Passing seven-cars to the Top place!.
Racer "Test" wins the race and stands on the podium
Drivers Championship
Constructors Championship
Turbo mode at Australia.
Split-screen battle

Game Gear version

Title screen
German GP
British GP
Australian GP
San Marino GP
Italian GP
Japanese GP
French GP
Portuguese GP
Selecting a track
Getting ready for the race
Car set up

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Four difficulty levels
The Brazillian track - literally "between the lakes"
Adjusting car settings
Just before the green light goes up...
Arcade mode is all about overtaking and driving cleanly
Even if you drive carefully, tires will eventually give in, requiring a quick trip to the boxes
Preparing to overtake, but tires need replacement
Arcade mode scores. Rubbish performance
Setting up a season. You can customize from a full schedule to a single race
Oh oh...
Starting positions
This straight was the longest back in the day
Tunnel at Monte Carlo
The Castellet circuit is a very short, fast, and with some interesting sections such as this single lane downward slope
In Monza, next to the boxes
Preparing to overtake in Estoril
Turbo mode makes everything smaller, and a whole lot faster

SEGA Master System version

Name Entry
Select circuit
This screen allows you to fine-tune your car befoe you start the race
The arrows are trying to tell you to turn right
The Results
Portugese circuit
The French flag is a little out of shape
The British circuit
The Japanese circuit
Split-screen action