Fotonica Screenshots

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Browser version

Start screen
Main menu
Getting familiar with the game in the tutorial.
The dots are optional, but you still might want to take them.
Game over, you can't run there.
You can land prematurely, if it'll help.
Dot taken!
In the live game effects look even better.
That thing will boost you up.
60 meters per second is the first color change mark.
So simplistic, like in an old sci-fi movie.
This map provides more complex environments than others.
Am I gonna make it?
Running through the pillars.
It looks like a golden island in the sky!
You can check map progress in the bottom left corner.
BAM! You better not to collide with platforms.
The endless mode lets you enjoy the game. If you will be able to.
The Yellow Road
You have to see it yourself.
It reminds me the "13th Floor" movie.
Jumping between tunnel sections can be very hard.
No words