Found: A Hidden Object Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Opening cinematic
Title screen. This copy is Christmas themed.
The map of the islands
Searching the pirate ship
About to search the wrecked plane
Searching the wrecked plane
I found all the items
My reward items from the plane scatter about.
About to banish a lemute, whatever that is.
Leveled up
The game wants me to try Midnight Castle, another free-to-play game.
I have reached apprentice level in the wrecked airplane location.
I gained an achievement.
I have unlocked the UFO and hunter's house. The hunter will gather beings for me, for a price, up to a certain number of beings or a time limit, whichever comes first.

Windows version

Opening cinematic
Title and connecting screen
Showing the first island you can work.
I have unlocked the UFO and the hunter's house. With the hunter's house, if you have the money, he will hunt down wandering beings, for a short time or up to a certain number, whichever comes first.
I gained an achievement.
I'm about to go search the UFO.
Searching the crashed UFO
I found all the items.
These are the reward items I gained from the UFO.
I leveled up.