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Fox Hunt

User Reviews

Very good! Windows 3.x Simon SŠkafar (69)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 5 3.3
Windows 3.x 5 3.8
Combined MobyScore 10 3.6

The Press Says

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Windows 3.xGameSpot
Overlooking some of the childish antics of its hero, Capcom's Fox Hunt is an interactive movie that merits more than a showing or two. It's silly and amusing but surprisingly well developed and fun to play.
Windows 3.xEntertainment Weekly
The catch: The movie and the game make an awkward fit. The filmed scenes are surprisingly engaging, considering that full-motion video on your computer still looks like bad reception on your TV, but the game set pieces stop the story dead. Gameheads, on the other hand, will probably wish they could cut directly to the chase. If they did, however, they'd miss Bottoms as a hammy, mitten-wearing professional killer, Lazenby in an Elvis suit, and -- delightfully -- Lowe as Edison Pettibone, a psychotic king of infomercials with surgically altered minions and an alarming resemblance to Ted Turner. Appearing on a CD-ROM may not bode well for these actors' careers, but it certainly does for Fox Hunt.
If nothing else, Fox Hunt proves why companies like Digital Pictures went bankrupt. Simply, players don't want to "play" cheesy movies from Spielberg-wannabe "designers." Game players want to play GAMES, and Fox Hunt is neither a movie nor a game.
Windows 3.xHigh Score
Tänk er en parodi på en James Bond-film med en Jim Carrey-behave-alike i huvudrollen. Ett effektivt sömnpiller.