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PC-98 version

Very nice Elf logo :)
Title screen
The reds attack! Panic!
Red helicopters
This is your secretary. She is very... talented, I'm sure :)
Moving to the location of the next battle
The first battle. Few units, very simple
Big tanks vs. small tanks
The reds send infantry to deal with my tanks
Now they send soldiers with rocket launchers!..
Save me, save me!..
The greedy, evil, generally disgusting guy. What, you couldn't tell?..
Thank you, my savior! Ahh!.. :)
Moving your units
Note the terrain disadvantage
Another damsel in distress
A cut-scene without naked girls? Come on...
She is very grateful I saved her...
...and she shows her gratitude, too! :)
Here we must figure out how to cross that river...
Later-stage map. Huge enemy forces, many different units...
Enemy planes are on the main street!..
Jet battle!
Enemies move relentlessly...
We send some heavy artillery...
...and some VERY heavy artillery!
Battle at the heart of the city... we are detsroyed...
Lots of different terrain types...
Complex machines...