FRACT OSC Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The entrance to the lift that will take you from the studio into the game world.
There is a short section that acts as a tutorial for the different game mechanics.
One of the many winding paths. Small coloured spots appear to guide you.
You'll often observe structures from a distance and then spend half an hour figuring out how to reach them.
Looking down at a lift station.
These green balls brighten and emit sound when you get close. As with many parts of the game, the use, if any, is not immediately clear.
A path leading around a giant building.
For this puzzle section you can manipulate cubes.
Floating platforms
Designing a pattern for an early puzzle.
A part of the studio has been unlocked.
Getting higher by manipulating these wire-frame platforms.
Looking into the distance.
I see a passage at the back.
Looking down into the abyss while riding a lift.
Strange, organic structures and many floating platforms far above.
These are the controls for the lift stations.
Each part of the game world has a specific colour connected to the synth you are working with.
One of the final puzzles for one of the three synths.
This area can be used to measure you progress.
Some parts seem unrelated to the audio puzzles and are hard to figure out. Here, for instance, you can raise the crystals surrounding the green pole.
Observing a machine.
One of the pipe puzzles
A more complex synth pattern to raise doors.
A main hub area for one of the synths
A path has been opened through the machine.
The architecture with its spectacular lighting and many complex shapes
In this area you manipulate platforms in various ways to guide energy.
A large dam in the background
Green spots to lead you up this slope.
Observing my progress in this puzzle.
Another lift station has been discovered.
Don't fall in the green mass.
Observing a piece of machinery up close.
Back at the main area with many parts unlocked already.
Another central location
A block/path puzzle in a later section of the game
Another section with many platforms
The main studio where you can compose and record your own music.
Advanced studio controls