Frankenstein Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen, starting location
Family honor compells me!
A secret passage!
I should have learned this lesson from Zork!

DOS version

Title screen, starting location
Ah, the old carry limit... and hence, inventory management!
Home sweet home!
A review in SPAG found this particularly hilarious: >cut corpse ... "OK"
You just gotta know what the wolf wants!
The question isn't guessing the code, but how were you supposed to know to light the fire there? (and then unscrew the portrait?)
A nice direct shopping list
How about that! I was just trying to whip the cur to within an inch of its life!
Starting location (Z-code version)
A great feat is set before you

TRS-80 version

Game start - Dirt path
Front door, its locked... of course.
Exploring the graveyard
Exploring the Crypt
On porch.... Victor Frankenstein... hmmm
Reviewing items in the Library
Walking upstairs in a musty hallway
Master Bedroom - a portrait of Victor Frankenstein