Fray in Magical Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Starting the game
walking around
Inside a church

PC-98 version

Cute Micro Cabin logo :)
Title screen
Events from the first Xak
Our heroine :)
Sue him for sexual harrassment?
The years of studying... :)
Why so romantic? :)
Starting location
Chatting with friends in a town
Fray is a nice religious girl :)
Exploring the town
Visiting people's houses
Hostile area. Little creatures attack
This guy is blocking the way and throwing stones at me!
Guys, really, this is not okay. I have my rights, you know
This looks like a nice town...
Talking to the mayor
Magic shop
Surrounded by blue guys. I'm just... burning here!
Big town with a pool
Fire-spitting flowers
Narrow path. Don't fall down!
Gathering power for a better shot. The dragon does the same...
Abandoned mine
Collided with a fire monster
Battle on a narrow bridge
Creepy blue guys just pop out of those holes
This guy looks like someone who failed an audition for the role of a Guomindang official in a historical Chinese movie