Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness Screenshots

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Windows version

All went well... until Luther spilt the kelp seeds.
These green "crystals" are kelp seeds, and everything else - is just a piece of cake... at this point.
The background changes every fifth level.
A weird bonus level
Sea urchins, shells etc. are "keys" for these wooden doors - not so easy to get at later levels.
A stream of water pushes Freddi - the further you get, the more new elements appear.
These whirlpools act like teleports.
The sunken ship
New elements can be either helpful or annoying, or sometimes both at the same time - here (bottom tight) you can see some seaweed that opens and closes, blocking or clearing your way.
On the bottom bar you can see "keys" collected at this level (and not yet used).
A complicated level with another new element - exploding red boulders.
The background is often really cute (notice the sand pail).
Later levels have all different kinds of boulders and sponges and it's often hard to remember which kind moves in what way when pushed.
A single level actually has more screens than just one - there are exits leading to further screens and on later levels it's really possible to get lost.
You can collect elements such as big shells, sweets and many others just for points.
Yes, on this screen you just keep swimming back and forth to open all doors.