Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
Garden Level
Pyramid Level
Ant Colony
Space Station

PlayStation version

A retro multiplayer level
Rolling boulders
Race at the industrial track
A multiplayer variation of the snake game
Another snake level
Rescuing the first frog.
Using the croak to find out where the little frogs are.
End of tutorial
Bees and lawnmowers
Bee stung
The classic Frogger pond
Shredded by the lawnmower.
Secret stash
Flattened by the rollers.
End of the first level
Playing with the female frog.
Beetles and boars
Mining carts
Riding the carts.
Floating on the crates.
Frogger breaking the boards.
More mining carts
End of the mine level
Rolling millstones
Retracting spikes.
Pyramid stairs
Taking a ride on the branch.
Moving walls
Anthill stage
Ant lion
Ants marching with leaves.
The leafcutter ants form a conveyor belt of sorts.
Frogger burned by the lava.
Top of the structure

Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen
Sound options
Pick a mode.
Story mode
Frogs one and two
This looks tricky.
A new power croak. Very cool looking.
This sequel lets you play as different frogs.
Indiana Jones! I mean... Indiana Frog!
The level replay and arcade
Way back when...
Death of a polygon frog in pixel alligator.
Look out! A pixel snake! The deadliest of them all!!
Ah...the awards
Don't hop in the green water !
A pond and flesh slicing lawn mowers. Charming.