Frogger Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu and high scores table
Race in the river
Race in the industrial level
Frogger eating a bug.
Frogger stung by the bees.
Frogger hit by the car.
Race in the retro level
Level selection
Game start
A homage to the original game.
Frogger bitten by the snake.
Zone complete
Frogger feeding on the surrounding bugs.
Frogger riding the turtles
Frogger crossing the street.
Frogger landing on the lily pads.
Frogger flying with the bird.
Forest stage
Industrial stage
Dark cave
Small frogs
Frogger sliding on the icy landscape.
Name entry
Frogger riding the balloon.
The balloon pops after a few seconds.
Sewers stage
Frogger using the explosive barrels to reach a distant floating platform.
Frogger floating on newspaper sheets.
Drain pipes
Buffalo stampede
Desert beetles

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Level selection
Yes, that is lava.
"Retro" mode
Don't land in the green stuff.
Frogger 2nd level
Haunted level
I'm on the log again.
You have quick jump. NOW HOP FOR YOUR LIFE!
Here..uh..purple frog !
A long way down
Dashing away from molten boulders.
Mower madness
Gold frogs open up new level blocks, and look really cool on the side of the level tower.
I don't think frogs are supposed to look like gold paint.
You don't know ,what you will find ! Why don't you come with me, for a magic sewer ride!
Lush jungle green.....
High score! On Lilly pads?
A frog in the clouds
Frogger freaks out!
Yuck....I wouldn't swim in that water if you paid me.
An overhead view of a stampede.
The boulder alley.
A glittering sky top wonderland.....look out for large falls and helicopter blades.
In the sewers again.
A golden frog up close.
All the gold frogs have been found !
Down in the Dark dark cavern.
Riding on the birds always gives a great view.