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From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.

From Russia with Love Screenshots

PSP version

Intro movie shot
Title screen
Level select
One of many loading screens
Bond, James Bond…
Firing at bad guys .
You can jump, but only at specially marked places.
Bond's inventory and weapon upgrade screen
Bond vs.Helicopter
Bond saves the girl from evil kidnapers.
Bond moment
Mission results
“M” giving a briefing to 007.
“Q” in his lab
Laser Watch in action
Disarming a bomb.
Sniping with the sniper rifle.

From Russia with Love Screenshots

Xbox version

Main Title
Main Menu
There are quite a few multiplayer options.
Earn skill points to buy multiplayer characters.
The "Bloody Camera" from the actual film is in this game!
When you see this car you know bad guys are gonna die!
The characters in this game look, sound, dress and act just like their big screen counterparts.
James sparks out an Octo member in this cut scene.
This guy wants to kill James. Badly, very badly!
You can fully customize 007 with items you have found or purchased.
One of the best gadgets you will come across is this little explosive chopper!
The targeting receptacle makes killing enemies a doddle.
Use "Bond Vision" to gain extra skill points!
Hiding behind walls & pillars then popping out blazing lead is very satisfying!
You can also take down bad guys with a multitude of kicks, punches and combos!
Diving for cover is essential to 007's survival!
Mounted Weapons help take out the bigger threats.
You can't have a James Bond game without an explosive car chase!
The graphics can get more impressive on some of the levels.
Taking care of the pursuit with a mounted twin machine-gun.
In the gypsy camp.
Sean Connery is not only by looks but voice-acting as well.
Shooting the fuel depot may save you some bullets.
Mr. Bond is known to undertake the task no matter how hard it may seem.
Taking a heli with a missile.