Front Mission 2 Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Opening Cinematic
This city has seen some devestation
A Wanzer is being crushed
The opening movie has some odd visuals. This is one of a ladybug
Nobody is having fun at this fair
When you see this had come up from the rubble, a heartbeat can be heard in the background.
Main menu
Wanzers now in glorious 3D
A helicopter preparing for take-off
The map shown before missions give important details
This is the OCU Rimian Base which you and your allies are stationed at.
The guard at the gate lets a convoy of trucks enter into the base.
Uh-oh! Battle stations!
The blue squares represent where you can move.
When you get into a battle with an enemy you are shown an overhead grid that pinpoints exactly where everyone is in relation to you.
In battle the view switches to 3rd-person perspective as the Wanzers duke it out.
Its the enemies turn to fight back.
Conversation at a makeshift camp in the jungle.
In between missions you have access to an "Internet" database where you can receive more info on you, your enemies and the world in general.
Shortly after leaving camp you will be forced into another battle.