Front Page Sports: Ski Racing Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The splash screen
Menu screen.

Demo version
The player's controls

Demo version
Preparing to ski. In the demo version there is only one course available
All racers start in the hut at the top of the mountain.

demo version
There are different camera angles. This is the player's point of view. The map in the lower left is surprisingly useful Demo version
This shows the distant view, useful when skiing down twisty courses.

Demo version
The default point of view

Demo version
The player will see a lot of this as they learn the game. It is surprisingly easy to miss a gate. Demo version
The falls are not spectacular and are rather repetitive. Once a run has been disqualified the message stays on screen, the clock stops too. Demo version
The finish line is in sight but where are the crowds? The game does not draw such objects until the player is really close Demo version
Just a little way further down the slope than in the previous screen shot and the stadium appears Demo version
The end of a run and the skier pounds the ground in frustration at being disqualified, again. Demo version